Gabor - The company

The Gabor Shoes AG

Today Gabor is one of the best known brand of ladies’ shoes in Germany and is also one of the largest in the sector in Europe and worldwide.

Gabor's corporate roots go back to a business for shoe and leather goods trade, which was opened by Pius Gabor in 1919.

Gabor is a leading manufacturer of high quality, fashionable women's shoes. In addition to fashionable topicality, the Gabor brand shoe is characterised by its superb fit and workmanship quality. So-called “shoes for anyone” were the start.

The family-run company is managed by Achim Gabor in the 2nd generation. This long-standing experience provides the foundation for what the company refers to as "Gabor quality". It is the most discerning quality standards regarding every single pair of shoes that have turned Gabor into a traditional brand.

But tradition isn’t everything. The last few years have been characterised by the introduction of new technologies and product lines.

WE ASSUME RESPONSIBILITY Sustainability at Gabor

As a globally active company, we bear responsibility for the environment and for society. This is our conviction, and this is what we live by, nationally and internationally. We see social and community involvement as an obligation. Sustainability and environmental protection are self-evident premises of our actions. Health is our top priority. Our products are continually inspected and contain no harmful substances.